About Us

Who We Are

Polymer Engineered Products, Inc. is privately owned and operated. We are located on 41 acres in Rochester, New York. Founded by Wolfgang (Josef) Kunisch in 1969, our facility was built as a plastic injection molder as a source for Kodak and Xerox molded components; thus the name of the road on which we are located, Moonlanding Road.

Originally named PolyPro, Kunisch ran the business at this location until the mid 90’s when Les Klein joined as a partner. Les Klein has operated the business under its new name, Polymer Engineered Products Inc., since 1997. Klein has led a strong, sustainable business which caters to nearly every industry.

Now made up of over 70 employees, Polymer has established itself as a leader in process, resin, and tool development to assist and guide our customers. In addition to over 100 years of molding experience amongst our team, Polymer also produces and manages a proprietary lighting line of Commercial, Industrial, and Consumer products branded as Polymer Products, LLC. With our expertise and combined knowledge, Polymer is your ideal strategic partner to grow your business and exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Us

Your Security, Our Priority

At Polymer, we understand your need for security. That’s why we have committed to being privately owned and completely debt-free. We stand apart from others in the industry because we have taken the time and put forth the effort to cultivate a business model leaving our clients feeling protected and secure.

Built on Partnerships

It is always our goal to become strategic partners with every client, each relying on the other for mutual success. With decades of expertise and knowledge, as well as competitive costs, on-time delivery, and dedicated customer service, we know we possess the solutions to meet each of our clients’ needs. Our ability to work with each customer’s requirements and meet them with ingenuity and flexibility allows our client retention rate to speak for itself. We always look forward to meeting each challenge head on and cannot wait to aid you in accomplishing your business goals.

Quality Policy

Our policy at Polymer Engineered Products Inc. is to meet or exceed internal and external customer’s quality needs and expectations while creating a challenging environment that rewards initiative, productivity, ownership, commitment, and teamwork.

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