Custom Injection Molding

What Is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is a manufacturing process to create customized products by injecting molten resin into a mold. While injection molding can be performed with a variety of different materials, Polymer Engineered Products specializes in custom, plastic injection molding.

Our Custom Injection Molding Process

We have talented Sales and Process Engineers on staff to assist you with your mold design and development process. Whether you come to us with a CAD design or model, or you need to start from scratch, we have the experience and training to turn your idea into a reality. When you work with us to design your custom mold, we reduce mold production waste, increase part quality by ensuring mold specifications, provide better pricing, maintain our expected delivery dates, and offer exceptional customer service.

Working with nearly all polymer material types and grades, we provide you with the best options, depending on your project and product goals. We will work with you to determine the best polymer material for your project and design a custom mold specific to that material.

We have 23 injection molding presses ranging from 50 to 950 tons that are capable of handling any custom injection molding product. Every step of the process is carried out at our facility from project management to first piece approval, to ensure quality at each phase.

Who We Serve

We have customers in a variety of different industries including:

  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial
  • Educational Products

Whatever part you want to create, we will assist you in creating your custom mold. After your mold is created, you own it. We only use the highest grade plastics from a trusted list of distributors.

Injection Mold Maintenance Service

Once your custom mold is created, we will store it at our facility for you to facilitate a streamlined ordering process in the future. Additionally, we offer preventative maintenance services for your injection molds to eliminate flaws and maintain product quality.