Glossary of Terms

* CAD – Computer-Aided Design

* Dry Time – Time required to dry resin. This is specific to each grade/type of plastic resin. Some resins do not require drying

* Flexural Modulus – PSI rating where resin breaks from bending

* IMM – Injection Molding Machine

* ISO – International Organization for Standardization

* IZOD – Impact Strength Test following ASTM standards

* Melt – resin viscosity in g/10min at a specific temperature

* PPAP – Production Part Approval Process

* Resin/Material – Plastic Pellets used in molding

* Rockwell Hardness – ASTM D785 test to determine durometer of finished part

* Shrink Rate – All molded plastic parts shrink as they cool coming out of a mold. The shrink rate is the amount of shrink each grade/type of plastic shrinks measured in inches

* Tensile Strength – PSI rating where resin pulls apart

* Tonnage – The potential mold clamping force available in a Injection Molding Machine, measured in tons. This commonly states the size of the machine

* UL – Underwriters Laboratory: International Organization certifying electrical components for use in residential and commercial applications

Glossary Key