Post-Molding Operations

Save Time, Money, and Hassle

From the initial design to the final product, we know there are many boxes to check before getting a project across the finish line. At Polymer Engineered Products, our team has the equipment and expertise to provide additional secondary services to our clients before and after the primary manufacturing process—eliminating the need for multiple production vendors. By working with one trusted manufacturing partner, clients can benefit from streamlined processes, reduced costs, and individualized service.

Our team at Polymer Engineered Products works with each of our clients to understand the full scope of your manufacturing needs. Then, we identify your unique pain points and priorities to develop creative, innovative solutions. In short, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure a quality finished product and a superior customer service experience.

Additional Secondary Services


Let us bag and box your final product to your specified quantity or weight, ensuring your end consumers have a positive assembly experience.

Post-Molding Machining

Our qualified team can perform any post-molding machining process your project specifications may require, such as milling or drilling. This cuts down on the need to ship your product to an alternative vendor for finishing.

Heat Staking

Polymer Engineered Products can also perform heat staking, a process by which two dissimilar materials are joined together by drilling and heating. Localized heat is applied to the plastic component, allowing it to be easily reshaped around an accessory metal component.

Ultrasonic Welding

A meticulously engineered piece of machinery, our own custom ultrasonic welding horn allows our team to perform ultrasonic welding. This specialized process welds two pieces of metal together using high-frequency vibrations.

Laser Etching

We partner with one of the region’s best laser etching companies. If an end product requires a serial number, a company name, or another piece of identifying information, our team will handle all of the communication and coordination required to finish the job.

At Polymer Engineered Products, we are agile, dynamic, and ready to help your product come to life. Our team is dedicated to problem-solving, innovation, and complete customer satisfaction.

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