Mold Design

The Custom Mold Design Difference

We offer custom mold-design services to ensure your product or part can be made to exact specifications every single time.

Creating durable custom molds that produce the consistent results you want means using only the highest quality stainless steel grades, including:

  • H-13
  • S-7
  • P-20
  • 420 Stainless
  • A-2

Our Mold-Design Process

Once you come to us with a CAD design or model of your final part, our talented Sales Engineer starts the custom-mold design process with a tool builder from our trusted list of certified mold manufacturers. After the mold design is complete and approved, we produce up to 60 separate test models to ensure quality, using the production part approval process (PPAP) and First Article Approval processes.

Quality control is a top concern at Polymer Engineered Products. We have a rigorous testing process to ensure our molds produce high-quality, consistent parts over the long term, maintaining exact specifications. Additionally, we require first-piece approval from our customers before work can continue.

Mold Maintenance and Storage

After your custom mold is created, you own it. We do offer mold-storage services at our facility in a climate-controlled environment to simplify any future custom injection molding orders. Additionally, we provide maintenance services to all molds created for you.