Quality Management

Quality Management with ISO

More than a catchphrase, meeting or exceeding expectations defines our mission for every quality-management decision. Whether considering how internal or external operations work, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) puts quality first. In a challenging environment, we put ISO’s latest standards first by rewarding initiative, productivity, ownership, commitment, and teamwork.

Higher Standards

Organizations across the globe use ISO 9001-2015 standards to provide a framework for effective quality management systems. Certification in these standards demonstrates an organization’s commitment to consistently delivering products and services that meet consumer and regulatory requirements. We’re one of them and offer a deep understanding about ISO 9001-2015 for internal and external customers.

Fundamentally, these ISO standards emphasize:

  • Understanding the context of the organization
  • Providing effective leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Creating systems of support
  • Developing and managing operations
  • Conducting consistent evaluation
  • Identifying areas of improvement

At Polymer Engineered Products, our leadership team uses these guidelines to bolster our existing internal processes of thorough documentation, interdepartmental accountability, and customer-focused systems. The ISO framework represents the standard of excellence that we have held ourselves to since opening our doors nearly 30 years ago. In fact, we have been registered in every iteration of the ISO 9001 standards available since then.

Process Oriented

Adherence to rigorous quality-assurance processes helps ensure that every product manufactured in our facility is delivered on time, on budget, and to our customers’ specifications. Each stage of production is steeped in detailed documentation and quality verification. From initial design to production and shipping, our entire team remains committed to meeting our customers’ needs.

We perform our pre-production approval process on every piece produced in our facility, which includes the following processes:

  • Our team reviews 3D CAD models of the desired component. During this stage, we will perform a critical dimension analysis and identify any potential production challenges for advanced troubleshooting.
  • From there, we create and distribute an inspection plan to the technicians in our facility. This plan details the exact specs of the product and any potential manufacturing issues to watch out for so all technicians and operators involved can ensure accuracy and quality.
  • Next, we put together Operator Instructions available to all machine operators. These instructions detail the product’s raw material source, the visual and dimensional specs, and any post-production or shipping details.
  • During the initial production, the customer approves the first piece. After initial customer approval, our quality-control department consistently reviews subsequent products to make sure they meet the pre-approved standards. These thorough reviews check for visual and dimensional accuracy, functionality and compatibility with accessory components, and accuracy of documentation. Every component created in our facility can be traced back to the raw material and machine used, allowing for increased efficiency and record keeping for future production runs or troubleshooting.
  • Our machines and molds undergo regular preventative maintenance. We maintain detailed documentation, including which materials were used in a machine or mold and overall frequency of use. This allows us to track when a machine or mold may need additional maintenance, helping us to avoid costly and time-consuming breakdowns mid-production.

Our Commitment

At Polymer Engineered Products, our entire team is committed to customer satisfaction. Upper-level managers across all of our departments consistently review customer feedback and perform routine analyses of quality assurance processes to identify areas for improvement. This interdepartmental accountability ensures that any consumer complaints are handled quickly and comprehensively while allowing our entire team to grow stronger.

It’s all part of our collective effort to hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence and continuously improve our processes for the benefit of our customers.

Our Technology

Creating consistent, quality components takes the best technology. Our facility uses a coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) to measure product dimensions.  Much more precise than measuring devices used by hand, this technology helps cut down on production time while boosting accuracy.

Our Culture

At Polymer Engineered Products, our processes and standards are much more than just boxes to check. They represent a company culture that is focused on continuous improvement, complete customer satisfaction, and a sense of shared pride for all members of our team. We are agile, dynamic, and ready to help your product come to life.

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