You’ve made a substantial investment in designing your custom mold and you received your products, but what happens to your mold after that?

Customized part or product molds require special storage conditions and routine maintenance work to ensure they remain usable and can produce consistent quality products. Many businesses do not have the space, time, or employees to dedicate to mold storage and maintenance. At Polymer Engineered Products, we offer comprehensive injection mold storage and maintenance services to all our customers.

Custom Injection Mold Storage Service

We recognize your custom injection mold is a significant investment for your business, and proper storage and maintenance of it is crucial for your business’ success.

We store all customer molds in a climate-controlled dry room at our own facility to ensure consistent temperatures. All injection molds are also stored on skids (or pallets) or injection mold storage racks to limit containment crossover and minimize contact with moisture, dirt, or floor contamination. Depending on the size of the specific mold, each half of the mold is stored together or each half gets its own skid.

We keep your mold safe until it’s time to be used again, making the ordering process more efficient.

Custom Injection Mold Maintenance Service

Not only do we provide premier injection mold storage, we also provide injection mold maintenance services as well. Preventative maintenance checks are done on every injection mold before production or after each production run.

Each individual mold is added to our database where we can track where it is located in our storage room, how long it has been stored, and what maintenance work has been performed on the mold. When a mold is added to our storage facility we immediately begin maintenance work by coating it in a rust preventative solution.

We conduct regular, routine maintenance checks and perform any work necessary to keep your mold in compliance with quality requirements and regulations.

Injection Mold Storage and Maintenance Transparency

At Polymer Engineered Products, we pride ourselves on maintaining long-term customer relationships built on trust and transparency. We believe in providing our customers with all the information they need, when they need it.

Our injection mold storage and maintenance services are all included when you decide to work with us to design your custom mold. We work with you through the design, testing, storage, and maintenance process as a partner of your team.

We make all our injection mold maintenance inspection and work information available to our customers for their review. We offer long term injection mold storage services and will contact you if you have not utilized your custom mold for an extended period of time to gain your permission before removing your mold from our storage facility.

Want to learn more about our injection mold design storage and maintenance services? Contact us to get your questions answered!