Polymer Engineered Products, Inc. is happy to announce that we have begun working with the Greater Rochester Enterprise Economic Gardening program.

Economic Gardening is a strategy that focuses on promoting local economic growth and development by nurturing and supporting existing small businesses and startups within a community. While traditional economic development usually involves attracting large corporations to an area, Economic Gardening recognizes the importance of fostering small businesses, local entrepreneurship, and job creation.

The fundamental principle of Economic Gardening is the belief that small businesses are the driving force behind a viable and sustainable economy. By providing them with resources, tools, and expertise, Economic Gardening aims to help small businesses thrive and reach their full potential. This strategy focuses on cultivating local talent, ideas, and innovation instead of relying solely on external investments.

Through Economic Gardening initiatives, cities and communities can create a supportive environment for small businesses to address their unique needs and challenges. This support often includes access to market research, professional development programs, technology resources, and networking opportunities. By strengthening the business ecosystem, economic gardening fosters entrepreneurial growth and enhances the local economy.

Moreover, Economic Gardening encourages collaboration among various stakeholders, such as government agencies, educational institutions, and industry associations. These partnerships help create a holistic support system that enables small businesses to flourish. By promoting entrepreneurship, Economic Gardening can also attract and retain talent within a community, leading to higher employment rates and increased economic stability.

Overall, Economic Gardening focuses on developing local economies from within by nurturing and empowering small businesses. By supporting entrepreneurship and innovation, this strategy fosters sustainable economic growth, job creation, and community development. Polymer is excited to join this program and eager to put the Economic Gardening principles to work.